Biblical Adventuring, 3rd Edition


A common saying among preachers is “Sunday is coming.”  This is the constant reminder, that every single week the preacher needs to prepare another sermon.  In much the same for game masters or dungeon masters “game night is coming.”  There is always a need for a new adventure for the players to explore and go through.  On two separate occasions I previously shared adventure hooks for role playing adventures that drew inspiration straight from The Bible.   The last one covered events found in 1 and 2 Kings.  This edition of Biblical adventuring goes through the rest of the scriptures not previously covered.  

Role-playing games are all about experiencing incredible stories and the Bible is full of incredible stories.   I think that the Bible is an interesting place to look for inspiration for role-playing adventures.  The goal is not to recreate the Biblical story accurately, but rather use the story for inspiration.   The biblical story can create a hook that draws the players in and allows them to explore the narrative on their own.   Using the Bible as inspiration for role-playing adventures is not an effective Bible study tool, but it will help the players gain a deeper and more unique understanding of the story.

With that in mind, here are fifteen adventure hooks that come straight from the Bible.  These kernels of ideas can be used to craft full adventures for any roleplaying system.  They are written with fantasy in mind but they can be easily adopted to other genres.    We hope you enjoy this and find it useful.  

1.  A displaced people are allowed to rebuild their ancestral city after many years in exile.  However, local governors oppose this and seek to disrupt the rebuilding process.  The players are hired to defend the builders and thwart the attacks.   (Nehemiah 4:1-23)

2.  A plot to destroy an entire people group is discovered and the players must help a young queen find evidence to prove this plot to the sovereign king.   (Esther 3-5)

3.   A corrupt king is throwing a party and divine writing appears on a wall.  One of the player’s can read it and the writing is a prophecy calling for the swift and violent downfall of the king.  Do the players protect the king or help fulfill the prophecy?   (Daniel 5:1-30)

4.  A local ruler is tricked by jealous advisers into throwing the players into some sort of pit filled with monsters and used for divine judgement.  How will the players survive the night?  (Daniel 6:1-28)

5.  A plague of locusts is prophesied.   Can the players stop an enemy that is too numerous to kill?  (Joel)  

6.  A prophet running from their deity conceals their identity and hires the players to transport him far away.  A violent storm threatens to sink the ship and they are attacked by a giant fish, all because the prophet is on board.   Do the players throw him overboard as he is asking or attempt to complete the job?  (Jonah 1:1-17)

7.  The rulers and the rich abuse the poor terribly in a small kingdom.  They poor are forced into debt slavery and then bought and sold among the rich for as low as a silver or even a pair of shoes.  A prophet proclaims that retribution is coming.  Are the players going to defend those with money or be part of the divine judgement?  (Amos 8:1-14)

8.  Wizards bring gifts to a baby destined to be a king, but now they need to find a way home to avoid the current, jealous king.   The players are hired to find a safe path.  (Matthew 2:1-12)

9.  A demoniac lives in a cemetery, constantly breaks the chains used to bind him, and is a frightening nuisance to the local town. In confronting him the players learn the terrible truth.  He is not possessed by just one demon, but he is legion for they are many.  (Mark 5:1-20)

10.  A bounty is put out on a man who overturned tables, chased people with a whip, and made a messy scene in a major temple.  The players investigate to discover his reasons were righteous anger due to vast corruption and injustice being practiced at the temple (John 3:13-24)

11.   A missionary has angered local religious leaders and the players need to escort him to safety.  One of the options is to lower him out a basket over the city wall.  (Acts 9:20-25)

12.  A holy man is freed from prison by an angel, and the players must help him get to safety and escape recapture by an evil king (Acts 12:1-19)

13.  A missionary has success which angers local silversmiths that make idols of the town’s patron deity.  Their anger spills over to others and riot ensues.  Can the players defuse the situation?  (Acts 19:23-41)

14.  Two men claiming to be “witnesses” of a powerful deity have been prophesying for 1,000 days straight.  During that time it has not rained, and any attempt to harm these prophets has been met by them breathing fire.  Meanwhile a dark, growing evil is gathering power to destroy them (Revelation 11:1-10)

15.  A dragon summons a beast from the sea that has ten horns and seven heads.  It has the body of a leopard, feet of a bear, and mouths of a lion.   Good luck!   (Revelation 13:1-8)

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